How can I listen from my computer?

We have full-length MP3s and RealPlayer clips available for listening on your computer. If you have one of the following MP3 players already installed, you can play our MP3 clips:

RealPlayer 8 or greater

If you have RealPlayer, version G2 or later, you can access our RealPlayer Jukebox. It plays all six songs back-to-back along with liner notes and additional materials.

If you don't have one of these players, here are some links to download free versions of each:

WinAmp Version 5 (Free)

RealPlayer 10 (Make sure you click on the small, hard to find "Free RealPlayer" link)

Under the volume 2 section of the header above, click on "MP3 Audio" to download MP3s of the songs. Or, if you have RealPlayer G2 or later, click on "RealPlayer Jukebox" at the top of our web page.