Who Comprised the Volume II Team?

First and foremost, we acknowledge the Holy Spirit. He was our source of inspiration. We never lacked for production ideas, all good ones! When we lacked wisdom, all we had to do was ask Him. Without Him, this project would yet be unfinished and undone, void of anointing and power. Praise God for His anointing and His Spirit.

Pastor David M. Blunt, host of Principles for Life, was so kind to review our song lyrics. His prayers and intercession have always been a great blessing to my family. His teachings have made a significant impact in our lives and our spiritual growth. In a world where so much of God's word is watered down, Pastor Blunt teaches the un-compromised Word of God in a practical, easy to apply manner. His weekly television program, Principles for Life, can be viewed over the Internet from this link.

My wife Deborah contributed prayers, support, and sacrificed being with me as I worked on the project. As my best friend for over 21 years of marriage, Deborah gave me insight and suggestions that made the final product the best it could be.

Eric Chancey of Eagle's Nest Audio was my collaborator, recording engineer, friend, and fellow worshiper of Christ. He heard what was missing, knew what was out of place, showed what was needed. God used us together. Eric would be inspired with one idea, then I with another that complemented the first. And on it went until we had peace in our hearts. He brought his gifting and anointing for sound and made us sound better.

Vince Clark is a servant of Jesus Christ and an accomplished bass guitar player. A good friend and protégé of mine for seven years, Vince took time to bless our project when he had little time to do so. I was so glad. You see, he doesn't play bass, he worships God using the bass. That's what this project needed, another worshiper.

Burt and DeLisa Nuzum were so gracious to add their contributions to this project. Just last year, they finished their first worship CD entitled "Shekinah, Through the Veil". DeLisa's vocals can be found on "We're Here for You" and "All of You", her new worship single. Burt's one of my prayer warriors and a good friend. They together helped take this project to another level.

Millionaire Success Marketing developed the artwork. They brought life to what I could only describe with my words. Operating with their God given talents and abilities, Mark Mobius transformed what I envisioned in my spirit into pictures everyone can see. Since I have none of these gifts, I'm so thankful for the wonderful job they did.