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August 19, 2004

Praises on the Altar, Volume II, is Finished!

It's been about four years since we first announced it. And now, to God be the glory, it's available for free download. Praises on the Altar Volume II is a collection of six praise & worship songs that, together, provide a step by step journey closer to Jesus. Several music styles are represented in this project.

December 1, 2003

Our MP3s Are Back Home!

As some of you may already be aware, MP3.com has been purchased by CNET.com and will be going offline December 2nd. In light of this, we have decided to resume hosting our MP3s here on our site. While we anticipate having enough capacity, please be patient as we make this transition from MP3.com to our own server.

When you click on any of the MP3 Audio links, you'll be presented with lo-fi streams you can listen to via dial-up and larger, high quality files you can download to your computer.

Another New Song!

Yes, FINALLY! Another new song to share that will be part of our upcoming Volume 2 release. While not complete, we think you'll enjoy hearing some early mixes.

Plus, the early demo of "I'm Going Through The Veil" has been replaced by a track from the CD "Shekinah", produced by Bert and DeLisa Nuzum. This will be included in the Volume 2 release, albeit with a slightly different intro and ending.

So, under the volume 2 section of the header above, click on "MP3 Audio" to download MP3s of the songs. Or, if you have RealPlayer G2 or later, click on "RealPlayer G2/V7/V8 Jukebox".

March 28, 2002

New Song Number 2!

Another early demo from our new volume 2 project is now available for preview! Please ignore the bad mix and we'll be adding more overdubs. This one is titled "In This Place". It's an upbeat praise song declaring that, in this place, we will praise Him and lift up His name.

So, under the volume 2 section of the header above, click on "MP3 Audio" to download the MP3 file of the song. Or, if you have RealPlayer G2 or later, click on "RealPlayer G2/V7/V8 Jukebox".

January 27, 2002

A New Song (Finally!!)

We've added a new song to our site! It's an early demo, so it will change. But, we wanted to start giving you a taste of what Volume 2 will be all about, drawing near to God. The new song is titled "I'm Going Through The Veil". It was birthed from a teaching from Pastor David Blunt of Church on the Rock. In fact, the title and three lyric lines come from the teaching entitled "Praying the Pattern of the Tabernacle".

So, under the volume 2 section of the header above, click on "MP3 Audio" to download the MP3 file of the song. Or, if you have RealPlayer G2 or later, click on "RealPlayer G2/V7/V8 Jukebox".

January 26, 2002

We Apologize For Being Offline!

We discovered on January 26th that our hosting company had disabled our web site due to lack of payment. What actually happened is quite embarrassing. We pay our web site fees automatically from a credit account. It turned out that we were issued a new card for that account and we forgot to alert the hosting company. Plus, we had changed ISPs in 2000 from Dial-Up to DSL. Again, we forgot to alert our hosting company that our email address had changed. They had been sending us warnings for several months that our account information needed updating. But, since the email address they had was our old one, we never saw them.

That's why you couldn't get into our site for the past few days. We apologize for any inconvenience and want to reassure you that our ministry is not going away any time soon. In fact, you'll be seeing a new song very soon. It was while we were preparing to update our site with "I'm Going Through The Veil" that we discovered we were offline.

April 3, 2001

    We fixed the PDF file for "The Finishing Factor"

    Thanks to Pastor Dave Fowler who helped me debug it! It turned out that I hadn't embedded all the fonts into the pdf file, so that's why most of your probably couldn't read anything past the first two paragraphs! You can find this teaching by clicking above on "Teaching Materials".

 January 1st, 2001

Our Web Site Gets a New Look!

    Yes, a whole new look! We've tried to make our site easier to navigate and use. No more mile long pages, no more frames...We've standardized our heading on each page so you can always jump to ANY place on our site quickly. We would appreciate any comments positive or negative on our new look. Just send us mail at Suggestions@giftonthealtar.com.

February 24th, 2000

MP3.COM Now Has a New Artist!

    Now you can find all our MP3 files listed on MP3.COM! Just click HERE to go to our special web page on MP3.COM. From there, you can listen to all the Volume 1 tracks with ONE click via the artist radio feature.All songs are still available for free download. You can also purchase copies of the Volume 1 CD from MP3.COM. Proceeds from the sale of the vocal and instrument CDs will go to the Church on the Rock building fund to help build our new 3,000 sanctuary.