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I Agree to These Terms - Piano & Chords

Licensing Agreement
By downloading this file, you agree to abide by the stipulations of the following licensing agreement:
  • Give God ALL the glory and honor! It is His Anointing that makes these songs what they are! We're all just musical servants of the Most High God! Give Him the Highest Praise...
  • Only churches or organizations that currently hold a CCLI license are allowed to publicly use materials provided by Gift on the Altar Praise, hereafter known as "licenser".
  • Everyone is allowed to download materials provided by the licenser. However, use of these materials are protected by copyright law and public use is limited to CCLI licensees and other groups to whom specific written permission has been given by the licenser.
  • CCLI licensees may use these materials for rehearsals and worship services, sanctioned by the licensee, without charge and may make as many copies as needed. Copies may not be distributed to groups or individuals not affiliated with the licensee nor may they be sold under any circumstances without the expressed written permission of Gift on the Altar Praise. Licenser reserves all rights to its songs and materials.
  • Materials provided by the licenser are provided "as-is". We are not responsible for any damages that may be incurred by using these materials.
  • CCLI licensees are allowed to add additional orchestra parts as required to fit their musical needs. But, all additional parts must include a copyright notice identifying the licenser as the copyright holder. These additional parts may not be sold under any circumstances but may be used by the licensee that creates them without additional permission from the licenser.
  • Recordings of worship services that use songs copyrighted by the licenser are allowed under the CCLI license. However, sales of recordings that exceed CCLI guidelines require permission from the licenser.